Task 5 Results!

Personal Recommendations

A mom and pop business?

Pro plan - To effectively monetize their product/service for profit, upgrade as necessary

How much bandwidth? - Is 1TB bandwidth enough?

How many serverless functions?

Are they e-commerce? Shopify will require API calls with serverless functions to their backend

Email - How important are email integrations? Do they need customers to fill out forms?

Team Members per Team - 10 may be enough for a small business

Domain/DNS - Would it be best to buy a domain with Vercel?


Do they only want the Pro plan?

Are Serverless Execution functions important?

What is this business actually doing?

Are they trying to mint on Vercel?

A Marketing Page for a large corporation like Nintendo?

99.99% Uptime SLA - Enterprise plan ensures consistent online status

Increase limits - With Enterprise, the limits are customisable

Team members - Will they need more than 10? If so, the Enterprise plan works best

Expanded roles - Is there a need for expanded levels of access control?

Middleware - edge functions help with reducing layout shift

A/B Testing - Different layouts may prove more effective for visitors than others.

I18n - Region/browser detection

Bandwidth - Does their bandwidth require more than 1TB monthly?

Analytics - Keeping a track on vitals to ensure new builds are functioning properly

Log drains to monitor traffic

Concurrent Builds - Enterprise allows for more than 12 Concurrent Builds