Task 2 Results!

Reflection on past experience:

In your next role, what are you looking to learn or do more of?

Guiding a customer to a technical solution they may not be willing to attempt takes a certain finesse. Could it be possible to use this experience in sales? I’d like to find out! Anyone passionate enough to talk on and on about their business, will just as soon share their dreams and fears. This is my inroad to connecting my previous experience with the responsibilities of Product Advocate. A high-level perspective of this role sparks growth in both technical and social skills, and also what I know about the individual tasks: quality comes before quantity. I want to get deep and confidently practiced with each step so I can eventually lock them in for consistent speed. Like any workplace, I’ll need to adapt: to the culture, environment and expectations. A more neutral mindset will prepare me for prioritizing what’s important.

Ikigai is a Japanese Venn Diagram which includes 4 overlapping sentiments:

  1. Do what you’re good at
  2. Do what helps others in the world
  3. Do what you love
  4. Get paid for it

I seek ikigai at Vercel.

Which (non-Vercel) technical or sales article, guide or lightning talk left the biggest positive impression on you? Why? (and please provide the link)

Easy choice: Chris Voss, FBI international terrorist negotiator. I’ve seen hours of his videos. He promotes Conversational Judo to guide people to what they already know they want. He promotes avoiding compromise, where everyone loses. Taking the time and effort to empathize to try finding what people *really* want shows how everyone can win, be it in business or elsewhere.

YouTube Link:

→ Never Split The Difference | Chris Voss | TEDxUniversityofNevada